BearWallow Mountain Elopement

a couple during their bearwallow mountain elopement. the woman is holding flowers

This elopement style photo shoot on BearWallow Mountain near Asheville didn’t show us any bears, but there were plenty of cute, friendly cows! (who were not that impressed or interested in photos). Yes, I said cows. Who doesn’t want a few of those as their wedding guests?

We escaped the rain this time and got a wide range of lighting situations from a romantic soft glow, to clear skied mountain views and that lovely golden forest. How lucky we were to have just the right weather at the right time for such a perfect forest photo.

This couple was so fun and game for all my silly prompts and we somehow survived the hike up to the top. When I researched this place it rates the trail as ‘easy’ but let me tell you it felt….not so easy? It’s not strenuous by any means but it’s a good idea to be aware of the fact that it’s a steady uphill walk for about a mile if you plan to elope here or have your engagement photos done here. Despite the short hike it’s totally worth it to make it to the top and see these incredible views, the cows in the background and on a clear day the sunset light is so magical.

BearWallow is absolutely a new favorite location of mine! It’s super close to Asheville at under half an hour drive and the road is all paved to get there which is always a good thing since similar trails may not have that luxury. There are so many options around Asheville and along the Blue Ridge Mountains for your elopement that it’s practically impossible not to find a good fit.

If you’re looking for your own Bearwallow Mountain elopement and want to advenuture for some awesome photos send me an email and let’s chat!

holding hands and walking along a mountain view while elopeing
hugging with foreheads together and pretty flowers during a bearwallow mountain elopement
a sunny day with golden light on bearwallow mountain
so happy she eloped she's jumping in the air
a bride holding a bouquet with cows in the background during her bearwallow mountain elopement
posing for photos during an elopement

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