Craggy Gardens Elopement – Moody & Magical

a man and woman enjoy being married at their craggy gardens elopement

I couldn’t have been more excited about this elopement inspired session at Craggy Gardens. The dress, the flowers, the location, this couple madly in love, it was all perfect. We never made it to the top of the trail due to bad weather but when I got home and edited these photos the moody storm backdrop was simply magical.

There are so many beautiful options for pictures at Craggy Gardens from the alcove tunnels perfect for a tree framed shot, to the blue ridge mountain vistas and overlook at the peak.

We had big plans for the pinnacle but the skies had different ideas for us, yet these are still some of my favorite photos I’ve taken despite the fact that we only made it about five feet into the trail and the parking lot. How lucky we were that it’s impossible to look in any direction and not have an amazing view.

Another big plus for Craggy is that it’s super close to Asheville, NC at roughly half an hour away, perfect for after wedding photos. It’s important to note that no wedding permits are currently being issues for Craggy Pinnacle, although some may be available for Craggy Balds. This means that while you can’t have your actual ceremony at the Pinnacle hike, you CAN choose to get married elsewhere and then have an after wedding adventure along the trail in your wedding attire. Many couples choose to have a simple courthouse elopement and then head over to Craggy for some awesome photos.

Big thanks to these two for being such good sports about standing out there with me while the clouds rolled in! They didn’t actually get married here but they sure look the part and were super fun to work with! (also important to note that these flowers were fake, we respect the eco system here!)

If you’re reading this and looking to get married in in your own Craggy Gardens Elopement an intiate ceremony in the mountains send me a message and lets chat about capturing your big day, rain or shine!

storm clouds roll in behind this couple during their craggy gardens elopement
a woman is smiling while her husband spins her as they dance in craggy gardens
a man dips a woman backward as they kiss on a mountain after eloping
this craggy gardens elopement was stormy but beautiful

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