Lady Luck Flower Farm Elopement

You guys….you guys….this elopement had a PONY. I’m not even joking, there was the cutest little pony just hanging out at this awesome flower farm as a surprise guest. The couple didn’t bring her, so I assume she lives there and what a fun treat it was to take her photo along with this lovely couple!

Lady Luck Gardens in North Carolina is one of my favorite places to photograph an elopement or small wedding. You get an entirely different feel here than you will in most other venues because you’re right down IN the mountains, just chillin’ in the valleys while all those peaks tower above you. And did I mention there are flowers? (of course there are) On this day we were lucky enough to see some beautiful pink and white flowers, perfect for couple’s photos after their ceremony.

The couple also brought their two cute pups and I had a blast working them into the pictures, too. I always love it when people bring their pets to their elopement!

This ceremony was held in full sun and I’m so thrilled with the golden, glowy feel to these photos.

If you’re looking for an intimate place for an elopement where you won’t have to brave the crowds at a park, then Lady Luck Flower Farm should be at the top of the list. Mountains, flowers and privacy! You may even get a pony as a guest (though I make no promises on that)

Lady luck flower farm elopement
elope at lady luck gardens
lady luck flower farm north carolina elope
eloping with a pony at lady luck gardens

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