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Best Places To Elope In North Carolina

So you’ve decided elope in North Carolina! I may be biased but I think this is the perfect area to get married. There are so many options for amazing views that will make your elopement magical yet still allow you an adventurous and intimate feeling.

You want mountains? We got ’em. Feellike a waterfall? No problem. Want to get married among the flowers? You’re in the right place!

Without further ado, here are my top picks for best places to elope in North Carolina near Asheville and around the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Max Patch

walking hugging couple happy the woman is holding flowers theyve just eloped in the best places to elope in north carolina
Distance from Asheville: 1 hour and 17 minutes.


  • Amazing 360 views of ombre mountains
  • The hike to get there is relatively short and not strenuous
  • Plenty of different spots to stop at for photos on the way up/down including
  • Lots of overlooks to pick from for your elopement ceremony.


  • The dirt road to reach this place is long and it’ll feel even longer while you’re driving it. Be prepared for pot holes and a bumpy ride. May not be kind to small cars or your struts. Coming down is easier than going up.
  • This is a popular spot and may be crowded especially at peak times like the fall season and on weekends.

Black Balsam Knob

a couple embracing and smiling since theyve eloped in asheville north carolina
Distance from Asheville: 1 hour and 3 minutes


  • Beautiful views of the mountains and a unique landscape that looks more like the Sound of Music backdrop than somewhere in North Carolina.
  • A cute little forest area on the way up, perfect for photos!
  • The road to get there is paved and there’s a semi-decent amount of roadside parking


  • The hike up is short but might be steep and a bit rocky for Grandma if she’s coming to view your elopement. It’s not super strenuous though and most people in average shape can do it without a struggle.

Craggy Gardens

a kissing couple after they eloped in the blue ridge mountains on a stormy day at the best places to elope in north carolina
Distance from Asheville: 40 minutes


  • Magical. Amazing. Impossible not to find a good view anywhere you look, even from the parking lot!
  • You want a fairy tale forest trail? It’s got one.
  • You want an overlook that’ll take your breath away? Check!
  • The drive there is paved and easy
  • The hike up won’t leave anyone sweating if you take your time


  • You can’t actually have your ceremony here. No permits are issued for Craggy Gardens or Pinnacle for weddings. I know, I know, why am I including this? Because this is a perfect choice if you plan to have a simple courthouse ceremony and THEN go have an adventure in your wedding attire for photos. Which is perfectly okay to do here

Bald Rock

A cute couple enjoying their elopement on a mountain top in the best places to elope in north carolina
Distance from Asheville: 1 hour and 2 minutes


  • Right off the parking lot. Super easy to get to. No hike at all.
  • Lovely views of the mountains.
  • Plenty of space for a small elopement ceremony


  • graffiti everywhere on the rocks. Some folks don’t mind this or even like it, and others are not big fans.
  • Popular spot that will most likely be crowded unless you pick a weekday and parking is limited. Despite there being space for a ceremony the overall space is pretty tiny and when there’s a couple dozen other people there it’s a tight fit.

BearWallow Mountain

a man and woman holding hands while walking across a mountain view in the best places to elope in north carolina
Distance from Asheville: 30 minutes


  • Cows! No really. The mountains are great and all, but you may also be given a herd of cows as your elopement guests. They are friendly and gentle and just spend their time grazing on the mountain top. What’s cuter than that? Not much. How are you even reading this and considering any other place now that you know there’s cows?
  • Probably no bears! Considering the name that’s worth pointing out.
  • Perfect sunset light on a clear day to cast your marriage in a soft, backlit glow.


  • Listen, this hike got me. It was labeled as “easy” and sure, you can take the gravel path all the way to the top, which is even wheelchair accessible! But…it’s also pretty vertical. It’s a lot of UP. It’s only a mile and it’s totally worth it (remember, there’s cows), but be aware that there’s some walking in an upward fashion for the entirety of that mile.

Bonus Place: Lady Luck Flower Farm

A couple in one of the best places to elope in north carolina side by side.
Distance from Asheville: 19 minutes


  • This is a private business which means you may not have to deal with any crowds if you book it, you get the whole thing to yourself.
  • Super awesome mountain views. You are tucked right IN the valleys
  • Flowers! It is a flower farm after all and you’ll find tons of beautiful flowers in the peak season, and even a little grove area of small trees.
  • No hike required.


  • Not many cons for this one! It is off the beaten path and you may want to ask for specific directions just in case your gps gets a little wonky.

So there you have it, a selection of beautiful mountain locations in North Carolina to have your elopement. This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are so many awesome places to elope near asheville that it’s difficult not to find a great spot, but these should get you started in your planning journey.

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