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Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

blue ridge parkway engagement photos

The Blue Ridge Parkway is the perfect place to have your engagement session and here’s why: Epic views all centrally located to Asheville, NC, and many with short hikes!

So, you don’t want to sweat before you get your photos taken? No problem, because there’s no shortage of hikes under two miles on the parkway, some even under one mile, that can provide amazing mountain backdrops and other unique photo spots. We were lucky that the fall colors were on display that day and that always takes things up a notch!

This session was so much fun, this couple was a blast to work with and come on, you can’t beat a classic red dress. Little tip, movement always looks better in photos so pick a dress with a few layers to get that awesome flutter shown below.

It was chilly that day but you’d never know it, they were troopers hiking along the trail with me and stopping for photos along the way.

We found this fun secret spot toward the end of the session that I had never been to before and I was shocked at how private this was and what beautiful views it had. The trail leading there was a bit hidden and not well-traveled but super easy to follow and this just goes to show that venturing out past the usual photo op zones can really pay off!

A sunset like that with those beautiful rocks in the foreground was well worth the extra exploration!

The Blue Ridge Parkway has many of these hidden gems on its trails and I’m always so excited to have another engagement session here. Congrats to this couple on getting engaged (and thanks for letting me guide you to some great spots for your photos).

a couple on the blue ridge parkway getting engaged

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engagement pictures on blue ridge parkway

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