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Five Unique Spots To Elope In The US

Unique elopement locations in the us

We’re diving headfirst into the ultimate adventure: eloping in some of the most mind-blowing spots across the good ol’ USA. If you’re all about sealing the deal surrounded by jaw-dropping natural beauty, then buckle up. I’m spilling the beans on the top five places where your elopement dreams can become reality: Breckenridge, Colorado; Sedona, Arizona; the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina; Southern Utah; and the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.

Elope In Breckenridge Colorado

top five places to elope in the us

Breckenridge is about to knock your socks off! Tucked away in the Rockies, this place mixes up historical charm with drop-dead gorgeous nature. Picture this: you and your sweetheart saying “I do” with snow-capped peaks as your backdrop, or cozying up in a mountain chapel that oozes romance. And guess what? Breckenridge knows how to rock every season, so you can tie the knot in style, no matter the weather. There are also plenty of options just outside the town if you’re willing to drive about twenty to thirty minutes. Epic views are around every corner and readily accessible!

Sedona, Arizona: Elope In The Red Rocks

new spots to get married in the united states

You ready for some next-level desert magic? Sedona’s where it’s at, with those iconic red rock formations casting a spell that’s straight-up enchanting. Imagine this: the sunrises and sunsets setting the landscape ablaze with fiery hues, as you declare your love. Whether you’re into towering red rock monoliths or serene creeksides, Sedona brings an otherworldly vibe that’ll give you goosebumps. A bonus? The area is known for it’s “vortex” of positive energy, so if you’d like some extra good vibes on your wedding day then this might be the spot.

An Intimate Wedding In The Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

elpic elopement locations in the us

Get ready for a nature lover’s paradise that’s off the charts. The Blue Ridge Mountains are like Mother Nature’s finest masterpiece, with rolling hills, forests that go on for days, and views that’ll make your jaw drop. Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy cabin ceremony, exchanging vows with misty mountains as your audience, or making it all about those wildflowers in a meadow, the Blue Ridge Mountains bring the magic, no matter the season. I personally think they are even better and far less crowded than their counsin, the Smokies, but we’ll get into that spot soon…

Southern Utah For Desert Dreams and Dramatic “I Do’s”

best places to elope in the us

Adventure junkies, this one’s for you! Southern Utah is where the desert landscape becomes your ultimate playground. Imagine speaking your vows under an ancient arch in Arches National Park or beside a desert oasis in Zion National Park. This place is a wild mix of rugged landscapes and intimate moments, guaranteeing your elopement is as epic as your love story. Ready for an off road experience in a jeep, or a hike up “Angel’s Landing” to say your vows? Utah has you covered, just be sure you elope in the spring, winter or fall because summer in the desert gets hot, hot, hot.

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee For Misty Mountains

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Hold onto your hearts, ’cause the Smoky Mountains are here to take your breath away! Lush forests, waterfalls that cascade like your love, and a vibe that’s pure serenity – that’s what this place is all about. Imagine saying “I do” in a woodland wonderland, having a down-to-earth barn bash, or even getting hitched by a hidden waterfall. The Smoky Mountains sprinkle a touch of enchantment over your big day, turning it into a fairy tale. Heads up that if you get married inside the national park it does require a permit! This is easy to get but important not to forget. If you’d rather skip the permit then eloping outside the park is a better option.

Wrapping it Up

So, you’re about to embark on a love-fueled adventure that’s anything but ordinary. From the alpine allure of Breckenridge to Sedona’s mystical vibes, the rugged charm of the Blue Ridge Mountains to Southern Utah’s desert drama, and the misty romance of the Smoky Mountains, your elopement is gonna be one for the ages. Forget cookie-cutter weddings – this is your chance to make your love story a part of these mind-blowing landscapes. Time to ditch the traditional and dive into a wedding journey that’s as unforgettable as the love you share. Let’s do this!

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