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The Best Elopement Locations In Tennessee

elopement locations in tennessee

Thinking of eloping? Look no further than Tennessee’s hidden gems for a truly unforgettable experience. From majestic mountains to picturesque waterfalls, this enchanting state offers a plethora of romantic elopement destinations. Whether you envision exchanging vows surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains or saying “I do” in a charming historic town, Tennessee has it all.

Imagine strolling hand in hand through the vibrant mountains of Cades Cove where you can celebrate your love among the rolling hills and summer wildflowers. Or perhaps you prefer a quieter setting, like the quaint town of Gatlinburg, tucked away in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

With its diverse landscapes and rich history, Tennessee offers something for every couple seeking a unique and intimate elopement experience. Escape the crowds and create lifelong memories in Tennessee’s hidden elopement gems. Let the breathtaking natural beauty and warm Southern hospitality of this enchanting state make your elopement truly special.

Top Hidden Gem Elopement Locations In Tennessee

Elope at Foster Falls

where to elope in tennesse

Looking for Waterfalls? This spot has you covered! There are multiple ceremony locations here including the main overlook just off the parking area and at the base of the falls. My suggestion, if you’re bringing guests, is to say your vows up top and then hike down just the three of us to take some epic waterfall pictures afterward. Alternatively, if your guests are up for a short hike with some decent elevation coming back up then doing both at the base of the falls is an ideal option!

Elope at Elys Mills

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This place is so fun and quirky! You’ll get a mini waterfall and creek plus an out-of-the-box, eclectic vibe around the rest of the property. There is no hike here at all so it’s suitable for guests who may not want to or be unable to hike, plus there’s a covered area for your ceremony which is useful in case it rains. The bonus? This is on privately owned property and the rental fee is very reasonable!

Elope at Cades Cove

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Look, this is probably one of the most beautiful spots in all of the Smokey Mountains, but I sometimes hesitate to suggest it because the drive there can be BRUTAL. Cades Cove is located on a closed loop road and everyone drives very, very slow. We are talking five miles per hour, folks. Sometimes they come to a complete stop to look at the wildlife and you just have to wait. This can make planning an elopement at Cades Cove a bit challenging because you can’t be entirely certain of the timing, but with all that being said, the views are 100% worth the drive. You’ll have multiple ceremony locations within the loop to pick from and many options for photos with those famous smokey mountains rolling in the background.

Important: The Smokey Mountains require a permit to have your wedding there. You’ll want to apply for that permit once you’ve decided on which location you love most.

Elope at a Secret Spot Along the North Carolina and Tennessee Border

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Here’s a little secret, some of the best elopement locations in Tennessee are not in the smokies, they’re located outside the park and near the state line! You want a mountain backdrop that’s not as crowded and in some cases does not even require a permit? Then your best bet is to stay outside the national park and consult with your elopement photographer on how to get that iconic view in one of these special secret locations. Don’t be afraid of expanding your search radius beyond the Smokies!

What’s the best time of year to elope in Tennessee?

This area is beautiful all year round but it can get pretty cold in the winter at higher mountain elevations. Summer is ideal because it won’t be too hot up there even if it’s roasting in the cities below, you’ll often have cool breezes and comfortable weather in the mountains. Fall is even better to catch some of those orange and yellow colors as they paint the leaves and get married with a vibrant background.

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What time of day should you elope?

Sunset is always going to be my top suggestion! You can enjoy the majority of your day by relaxing at your airbnb and having a leisurely breakfast and lunch without rushing, then head on over to the mountain a few hours prior to sunset to say your vows and capture some amazing sunset pictures with your photographer. The glowing, golden vibes later in the day always look amazing on camera! Planning your day around the best time for photos will ensure you’ll have pictures that you’ll love for a lifetime.

where to elope in tennessee

Eloping in Tennessee can be a magical and beautiful experience with the mountains as your backdrop. No matter which location you pick, it’s hard to go wrong in such a breathtaking part of the country. Looking for some help finding your perfect elopement location? I’m always ready to assist in helping you craft your perfect elopement experience!

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