Roan Mountain Elopement

a happy couple in love at a roan mountain elopement

This magical Roan Mountain elopement captured not only some lovely fall colors but also this sweet couple so madly in love. I’ll tell you a secret….these photos were taken when it was nearly dark.

I know, you see all those golden colors and think it has to be at sunset but that’s not how this one turned out. Asheville traffic is really something guys, no joke. We all got trapped for far longer than we expected and by the time we arrived at the mountain we had very little time to run up there (at some points literally) and get down to business.

If you’re thinking about eloping in the area leave early just in case. We did and still got caught, but it all worked for the best in the end.

Even with all that this had to be one of my favorite sessions, these two were so fun and couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. Half the time I’m not even sure they heard my prompts but it didn’t matter because just letting them do their thing gave us the best photos!

Now can we talk about those mountains? Holy cow, I’ve been on top of a few mountain peaks but this is a whole new level. A Roan Mountain elopement should be on your list if you’re wanting a backdrop that looks like it could be straight out of a painting.

Hiking Roan Mountain to Elope

The hike is relatively short and easy and don’t be fooled by the trail guides that say it’s a few miles long, that’s only if you want to reach the very top, but there’s three balds to choose from and these pictures were taken at the very first one only 3/4ths of a mile up! Easy stuff with the reward of a great view.

they decided to elope at roan mountain near sunset
a man dips his wife back in her wedding dress during their ceremony
this intimate wedding on roan mountain was magical
a husband kisses his wife on the forehead she has a bouquet
a sunny roan mountain elopement with the bride and groom walking away

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