Why you should have your North Carolina Elopement at an AirBnB

north carolina airbnb elopement

No Wedding Permit Needed

This is a big one. Many parks in North Carolina and the nearby Smokey mountains require wedding permits. Some are simple to get, other’s not so much, but if you don’t have your heart set on a specific overlook then considering an Airbnb instead might be an easier alternative. No permits required for your ceremony on private property and there’s a wide selection of dreamy options with beautiful mountain backdrops, some that rival those directly in the park.

a couple eloping in nc at airbnb

More Freedom to Elope how you want

Did you know that certain parks have restrictions on what types of flowers (among other things) you can bring to your elopement? It’s an effort to reduce the effect of introducing non-native species to the habitat and it’s a good thing, but if you want the freedom to have any flowers you want and to bring that beautiful arch or other props, then going with an Airbnb or a private elopement venue in NC is going to be your best bet. No worries about rules and regulations, aside from those the owners might have.

No crowds, elope in private

Want privacy? You may not get that in a North Carolina national or state park. Going on weekdays and in the off-season can help a great deal, but in the end there’s always a chance you’ll be sharing your wedding ceremony with other people you didn’t invite, or even other couples getting married in the same location. When you book an Airbnb it’s all yours, no sharing required.

airbnb elopement in the north carolina mountains

Celebrate and get hitched in the same spot

I love an adventure more than most, but if you’re wanting to keep things all in one spot then picking an Airbnb with a majestic view for your ceremony and elopement photos is going to give you the ability to get hitched and then make a short walk to your celebration space where you can party it up with your select few guests, or even just enjoy the rest of the day alone with your new spouse. No extra drive time needed, you’re already home (well, your temporary home).

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