Zion National Park Elopement

This elopement style shoot at Zion National Park was such a fun change from the usual blues and greens of the southeast.

Zion is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, towering cliffs and mountains all in a sea of reds had my jaw dropping as I drove up to the trail head and then another surprise, the elevation kept some of the heat away! Being in southern Utah in June might was as hot as opening the oven and getting a waft of heat to the face, but I have no regrets after seeing how these photos of this lovely couple turned out.

They were so much fun to work with and so in love that I barely had to give them any instruction on posing, they just nailed it right off the bat. A few prompts, some sunset rays and me mountain goating it on a cliff was the trifecta for this end result.

A couple things I learned while being out in a brand new climate:

The wedding session in the west is often flipped with late fall and winter being the prime time for a ceremony in the desert. (for obvious reasons, you melt less!)

A lot of the best trails are higher in elevation and get a decent breeze, this means that even in June it wasn’t nearly as hot as it could have been.

Drinking your weight in water is the best way to combat the heat and dry air. Drink before you get thirsty and then take five more sips.

Springdale Utah, the little town right before Zion is just about the cutest place and everyone there is so friendly. I could have spent weeks in Springdale just soaking up the views and still not gotten enough of it.

Sunset in Zion National Park is one of the most magical things I’ve ever seen and I cannot wait to go back and capture more love stories among the red desert rocks!

zion national park elopement
a happy couple elopeing at zion
they eloped at zion national park at sunset
small wedding at zion national park
southern utah zion elopement
elope in zion national park

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